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Tactical Overview Behind Goal

SportsCam Goal is the best solution to record one half of a field with a great bird-eye view. In general, the SportsCam Goal is a combination of 2 cameras which are mounted on each goal, this allows you to record each half of the field and perfectly use it with our analysis tools. SportsCam Goal records based on players and ball tracking and also it has an inbuilt automated pan, tilt and zooming option. This camera solution is a fixed solution with a recording quality starting from HD and goes up to 4K.

Goal View


SportsCam Goal is installed behind the goal on a fixed place like a pole, wall stand, tribune or ceiling. The ideal height of the SportsCam Goal is 8 meter and it must be minimum placed 4 meters behind the goal. In most cases, this solution is installed behind both goals which allows you to analyze every movement on the pitch.

Fixed Solution
Fixed Solution
Bird-Eye View
High-Definition Quality up to 4K
Automatic Pan Tilt Zoom

Technical Specification

  • HD to 4K
  • Fixed solution
  • Weatherproof cameras
  • SportsCam Recorder (recording, processing, exporting video)


  • Automated Pan, Tilt and Zooming
  • Automated recording
  • Real-time feedback
  • Bird eye View
  • Live Stream
  • Perfect view for Analysis tools

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