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Manually Controlled Solution

SportsCam Control is a manual camera solution which is controlled from distance through a joystick or keyboard. You are able to pan, tilt and zoom with an easy to use joypad and be a producer of your own game. One of the advantages of SportsCam Control is that this solution can be used as a fixed or mobile solution and it is really practical for matches or practice. We offer this solution from HD quality and up to 4K depending on your needs.

Tactical View


SportsCam Control installation is very flexible because you can use it in two ways. The first way is to use it as a fixed solution mounted on a pole, wall stand, tribune or celling. The second way is to use it as a portable solution mounted on our mobile SportsMast. You can set up the height starting from 1.7 until 7.5 mtr and adapt the SportsMast totally matching your needs.

Mobile Solution
Fixed Solution
Joystick Control
High-Definition Quality up to 4K
Portable Ready

Technical Specification

  • HD to 4K
  • Mobile or fix solution
  • 3D Joystick
  • SportsCam Recorder (recording, processing, exporting video)


  • Controlled manually
  • Wide PTZ Full HD
  • Live stream

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