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Automated Camera Solution

SportsCam Automatic is currently the strongest automated camera solution on the market. It is a combination of two camera devices which are able to record a full pitch in panoramic view. Recording is based on players and ball tracking and it comes with inbuilt features like automated pan, tilt and zooming options. With this camera you can choose how you want to use it since it can be mounted as a fixed or mobile solution. The recording quality starts from HD and goes up to 4K. SportsCam Automatic offers several different views which are created for special purposes:

SportsCam Tactical View

The first recording view of our SportsCam Automatic is the SportsCam Tactical view. This view always provides a complete overview of all players on the field. With the inbuilt software, the camera is able to automatically detect the best possible view for tactical analysis and ensure that you won’t miss anything from the game or practice.

SportsCam Broadcast View

This recording view is as the name states, a broadcast view which means that it follows the ball action. With this view you think that a cameraman is recording the game, but the intelligent software is providing the recording without any possible mistakes that a cameraman could make. SportsCam Broadcast view is perfect for live-streaming and highlights.

Panoramic View

Tactical View

Broadcast View


The installation of this camera solution can be done in various ways since the cameras can be mounted on a wall, pole, stand, tribune, ceiling or roof. The minimum requirements from the sideline is 4 meters and a minimum height around 6 meters. Another big advantage is the connectivity between the SportsCam Recorder and the SportsCam Automatic, it can be installed on a wireless connection between sender (SportsCam) and receiver (SportsRecorder) which creates an own network and transfer video data through this network. The SportsCam Recorder is installed with our own software which captures and processes the video fully automatically. Transfer the video data directly to a online video platform or as a livestream to an mobile application.

Ceiling Solution
Pole Solution
One Time Installation
Real-time Streaming
Fully Automated

Technical Specification

  • 2 × UHD 4k IP cameras
  • Weatherproof cameras
  • Scheduler for recording session planning
  • Fixed solutions
  • SportsCam Recorder (recording, processing, exporting video)
  • Different camera views – panoramic, tactical, broadcast


  • No camera man needed
  • Automated Pan, Tilt, Zooming based on player and ball tracking
  • Real-time feedback
  • Automatic virtual camera movement
  • SportsCam Recorder (recording, processing, exporting video)
  • Livestreaming to any 3rd party platform

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